Martin Luther King Jr. was a phenomenal speaker, a true visionary and revolutionary. Many of his words have been watered down to be more pallatable for the greater American public. That is not the MLK I wish to honor, that is not the MLK we should work to remember or embody. Martin Luther King Jr.'s next goal was to fight for socio-econmic equality, do not forget that, he was the man who could accomplish this. It is no surprise he was assassinated before the next battle could begin. We are still fighting these same battles thru a different guise when will we put it to an end?

    Experimental, Revolution, Original, noize, strings, keys, dreamscape, Ambience, revolt, revolutionary, rise up, fight back, awaken, rainbow coalition, MLK, free, free download, bedroom noise, queer music, LGBTQ, LGBT, Tripp, Spiritual, diy, Indie
    • Type: Original
    • 92.5 bpm
    • Key: C
    • Santa Ana, CA, United States
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