Recorded this song in a two mic, one take sort of way. I will probably revisit this for a better performance over time. Until then I thought I would share this raw as it were.

Guitar: Unnar (Walden Baritone) tuned C, F, A, D, G, C through an AKG C1000S
Vocal: Rode NT2A


I came down from Detroit
I walked there were no cars
I could have hitched a ride
On a passing Thunderbird
But the Chief said, "It's not time"
"The chains they wear are too tight."
So we waited through the days
Made our move at night

There are unresolved conflicts
Over words and territories
It's a curse upon those tribes
The ones with faith compelling
So nothing ever grows
Bar the list of dying
And the song their children sing
Indistinguishable from screaming

She was the one who cut my hair
My very own Delilah
She cast me to the wind
And through her I expanded
Oh! How our children grow
Like a river ever flowing
They generate their light
Over pebbles, overflowing

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