I had hoped that someone would offer to enhance my little song, and making my wish come true @faerytale has offered her beautiful vocal support...Thank you Lisa!

Guitar: Unnar (Walden Baritione B1E), Microphone: Rode NT2A, I/O Focusrite Saffire Pro14, iMac and Logic Pro X.

Riders on the the old river road
Nobody's talking, but somebody told
And the weathercock turns over Sutter's barn
Scarecrow points to the setting sun

Dark clouds lour the western plain
A distant rumble, a storm declaims
And Billies been sweating since she gave it up
Its fear that silvers her tongue

Oh! Judgement
It comes to be
Take the choice
Away from me
I hear them now
Oh! As they blow
The bleating horns
Of Jericho

Corvids darken the lightning tree
A thousand eyes through the darkness see
A brutal truth of the world exposed
The sacrifice, the blood, the bone

Oh! Judgement (etc)

Spotless lamb, blameless girl
The blades they turn in this mans world
They dare not see or will they look
At the truths that lie in their good books

Oh! Judgement (etc) x2

Riders on the old river road
Nobody's talking, but somebody told.

    Jericho, Singer-Songwriter, Duet, Faerytale
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