Inspired in part by the novel by Thomas Pynchon this is my ode to gravity.

Coming out the blue
Like a sonic boom
Pulling me to you
Gravity’s rainbow
Always lets you know
When it’s time to fall

And I’m falling now
Down to your ground
Zero hour
Here I go

Arcing ‘cross a sky
Brighter than my eye
Coming from on high
Gravity’s rainbow
Always makes a show
Of the come and go

Is it coming now?
Beyond the zero? Toto?
Is extinction silent?
Well! There you go

Focused in the zone
'Twix flesh and bone
We are analepses
Gravity’s rainbow
Bridges the unknown
To the unknowable

Is it falling snow?
Melting on your tongue
In silent extinction
zero zero zero zero zero

    • 92 bpm
    • Key: Ab
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