A friend, David Stuart, offered this collaborative poem to passing minstrels for setting to music. This is my interpretation.

Lyrics by soundcloud.com/archimedes, soundcloud.com/jomama-2 and soundcloud.com/skye-milan
Music written and performed by soundcloud.com/ian-melvin

Guitar: Vintage Lemon Drop through Logic Pro X ~ emulated British Combo Amp, 2x12 Speaker Cab, and pedals Spin Box (Leslie speaker fx), Blue Echo, The Vibe, Heavenly Chorus
Vocal and Harp (DDR Bandmaster Chromatic): Rode NT2-A, Saffire Pro 14 and Logic Pro X on a MacMini.


my body is a dog
being walked by my soul
lashed by the fetter of life
together we are one
for now

puppets of meat
piloted by ghosts
atop a blue rock hurtling
through the vacuum
we are many
for now

what is this thing
i think i am
a blip in space and time
i "am"
for now

what is this soul
this "me"
canidae contraband
pedaled with marginal success
it is
for now

traces of my life
my love
my hate
us and
then and

fade to dust
once the canine dies
that widowed leash
by my soul
a whisper
for now

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