Preview of Industrial Exteriors I - a new sound effects library from Hzandbits Sound Effects, features ambiance recordings of various industrial sites including the port of Aarhus, Denmark.
Lots of ambient machine noise, wheezing and clanging, from hvac systems to large loaders and forklifts.
Most of the sounds are quite generic, and could be used in many different contexts though.

This preview contains excerpts of the following files:
1: Amb,Industry,Ext,1_1,Hvac,Hydraulics,Cycle,Loop.wav
2: Amb,Industry,Ext,Factory drone,Conveyor belt,Clack,Click,2nd pos.wav
3: Amb,Industry,Ext,Factory drone,Conveyor belt,Clack,Click,Birds.wav
4: Amb,Industry,Ext,Factory,Churn,Condensation drops.wav
5: Amb,Industry,Industrial drone,Flagpole,Faint traffic.wav
6: Amb,Port,Ext,Bulk offload,Engine,Gravel,Clatter,Heavy,Echoes.wav
7: Amb,Port,Ext,Container terminal,Forklifts,Trucks,Busy,QB.wav
8: Amb,Port,Ext,Container terminal,Forklifts,Trucks,Impacts,Steel,Busy,QB.wav
9: Amb,Port,Ext,Container terminal,Truck idling,Cars pass,QB.wav
10: Amb,Port,Ext,Industrial drone,Bulk loader,Boom,Metallic,Distant.wav

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