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HENRY A.K.A HU's ヒウス born September 16, 1991, from very small attached with disco music and classic rock influenced by his parents forged so it a special ear and musical taste which at age 14 led him to be a drummer in various rock bands for after being one of the most prominent Djs in your city at 17 I started to have a ecepcional taste in electronic music having music selections that make everyone dance on the dance floor, HENRY to visit other cities in the country and known in several countries through the power of internet HENRY right now is its vocation dj in his country and wishing soon visit other countries in December 2013 HENRY was a finalist for Disco Donnie presents, Mixify and Show Pro Panama at The Grand TDA "The Day After "Electronic Festival and being well-known in several competitions as a finalist and always bearing the name of Mexico very high.

HENRY Perform With Sussie 4, Shared Stage With, Vazik, Tini tun, Andres Mijangos, Miguel alanis, Mirelle Noveron, Pollyfonika, Datunes.

9th place world chart - awarded for finishing 9th place in the BEAT100 World Music Charts beat100.com/audio-listen/henry...nload-_10119245

Dates Available Mexico
Universal Music Label: Red Delicious Records Agent: cyn.cucitampico@gmail.com Join In Mail list
Agency: universaltalents.com/artist.php?hushenryuicabs Inquiries: UICABSBOOK@GMAIL.COM Artist & A&R at Record Union recordunion.com/Profile/63790#...90#.VsUZrtD-rfg

    4:20   deadmau5 - Jaded (Original Mix)
    15:20   Deadmau5 - Outta My Life
    19:00   Deadmau5 - Tau V2
    21:40   Deadmau5 - This Noise
    27:00   Deadmau5 - Alone With You
    31:40   Deadmau5 - Everything Before
    33:20   Deadmau5 - Everything After
    36:40   Deadmau5 - Sometimes Things Get, Whatever
    45:20   Deadmau5 - Reward Is More Cheese
    51:00   Deadmau5 - Sex, Lies, Audiotape
    58:20   deadmau5 - Jaded (Ambient Intro Mix)
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    Tech-House, TECHNO
    • Version: 2k16
    • Type: Live
    • Release Date: 05/12/2016 00:09
    • © Creative Commons: Attribution
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