This song is for Jette - and for holding on to the feelings that once meant the world.

(remastered April 2016)
The Man in the moon

Let us take a walk down your lane of memories
this is what I call the test of time
close your eyes - don’t dream of foreign countries
after all remembrance ain’t a crime

tell me how long was your heart all isolated
think of all the times you gazed into the stars

To see the man in the moon
his light fell on your pretty face
the man in the moon
searched (for) his lady in the sky

Did you ever feel your earth was moving
listen to your own voice from the past
all your beauty really neededg proving
and we all knew time it traveled fast

tell me how long did it take for your surrender
did you almost make it through the starry night

The man in the moon
his light was really everywhere
the man in the moon
touched his lady from the sky

He disappeared when it was dawning
but still alive inside your head
these days of hope and anticipating
two souls to fill up the universe

Let me push you on into the future
you should slowly open op your eyes
love is deeply built inside your nature
it’s a fact you simply can’t deny

I tell you how long it will take to light a fire
you just throw a kiss and then the sky ignite

and the man in the moon
will glow onto eternity
cause he’s a man with a moon
who loves his lady in the sky

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