Another cooperation between Twickenham and Herfølge.
Kev - Synths , Programming & Samples
Peter - Electric Guitars , Acoustic Guitars & Vocals
(Music K.Grosvenor/P.Jensen Lyrics P.Jensen) (c) 2015

Bonfire night
Come with me
Just take my hand
I’ll lead you through the darkest hour

I’ll show you how
To light your torch
A path that leads to your desire

You will see a shining light
And hear the sirens choir

Come with me
And take my hand
Let’s walk right through this ring of fire

Your breath feels cold
In this moon lit sky
Into the woods we can reside

Close your eyes and feel my kiss
I’ll tie your soul up in a web of wire
You will feel the naked skin
And sense your pulse is getting higher


Come to me
Just hold on tight
This ride will take you by surprise

Come and move
Without control
A sinful joy ride in disguise

All your wishes will come true
When the sirens’ sings reprise

Come with me
On bonfire night
A magic pyre is in place

Make your wish
Before the morning lights
And come back with a smiling face

Your mind will never rest again
Your lips will yearn for the sweet taste
That tingling and starving sensation
Will lay your lonely heart at waste

Dance with me on bonfire night
A never ending ride begins

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