Quanticman Records Podcast: Sleepy & Boo

  1. Christian Nielsen "Lost Groove" - Play It Down
  2. Miguel Lobo "Ratchet Girls (Dub)" - Under No Illusion
  3. Sleepy & Boo "Precious" - Quanticman Records
  4. Chris Wood & MEAT "Stones" - Moon Harbour
  5. Havey McKay & Jay Lumen "Two" - Suara
  6. Audio Kode "Suicide Attempt" - De-Noize
  7. Paride Saraceni "Critical" - Tronic
  8. Valentino Guerriero "Slamming Against Me" - What Happens
  9. La Fleur "Make Your Move" - Watergate
  10. David Glass & CDC "Jammin'" - Hot Creaton
  11. Sleepy & Boo "7th Castle" - Quanticman Records

Sleepy & Boo's undying passion for underground music pervades everything they do. As DJs, this duo have become essential figures and pre-eminent players in the Big Apple's dynamic music scene. They have left their mark on countless dancefloors of all shapes and sizes, rocking rooms both big and small across New York City and beyond. Their sets are all about the groove, mixing together the best tracks from across the musical spectrum, hand-selecting the choicest cuts to create an unmatched vibe and atmosphere that takes the crowd to the limit. Whether supporting some of the world's biggest DJs, or crafting their own headlining sets, Sleepy & Boo are known for their musical diversity and knack for picking the right tracks at the right moment.

They are the resident DJs and driving force behind Basic NYC, their events and production organization, which features Sleepy & Boo playing alongside a who’s who of the world’s most important performing to a packed house of energetic music lovers. It’s an event recognized for its diversity, with partygoers treated to a huge range of talent and sounds (everyone from deep house veterans to the newest names in techno have been guests). Named as New York’s “Best Dance Party 2009” by New York Magazine, Basic NYC has become an international destination for clubbers eager to catch world-class DJs in top-notch spaces, taking place at some of New York's finest venues. But it's not just about out-of-town guests - for over two and a half years, Sleepy & Boo headlined their own monthly Sleepy & Boo + Friends residency, which featured them playing extended headlining sets alongside friends and guests from New York. And in the Fall of 2012, Basic NYC staged a series of underground loft parties that featured an array of techno and tech-house DJs playing well into the morning, creating an infectious old-school warehouse vibe with top-notch production - crystal clear sound, visuals and decor.

Sleepy & Boo have worked tirelessly to bring quality, cutting-edge dance music to New York’s clubbers, both through their own music, and the events they organize. Their love for electronic music and culture permeates every project they take on and every set they play, and they will always be aligned with great artists, great music, and expanding the minds of their fans and followers.

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