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    Obscurum Noctis 13 ∴ Creature

    Obscurum Noctis 13 ∴ Creature by The Kult of O
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CREATURE is a Doomcore/DarkTechno/Industrial/Hardcore, Producer & DJ, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Creature is the new (as of 2016) project from Dj Na, delving deep into the darkness of electronic Doom.


Obscurum Noctis is an on-line radio event hosted by Oneirich from the Horae Obscura Show.

Website: horaeobscura.be
Tumblr: horaeobscura.tumblr.com
Twitter: twitter.com/horaeobscura
Facebook: facebook.com/HoraeObscura

    RagnaRok & How Hard ft Kayti Grüb - Tales From A Broken Butterfly
    Cyberstruct & Embrionyc - There's A Light On The Horizon
    Hypoxic - Never
    Shatterling - Frostflood
    Hypoxic - Leviathan
    Jenova ft. Spindo - Machine (Cyberstruct Remix)
    Cyberstruct - Forever An Unfulfilled Dream
    Xaero & Cellmac - Dreaming Is Dead
    CRPTC - Spiral Of Anger / Shellshocked
    RagnaRok - MK Ultra
    Creautre - Behind You (Unreleased)
    Succubus Helna - Don't Leave Me Behind
    Embrionyc - Across The Sea (Mindwalker Remix)

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