Electronica with harsh beats and some rhythmic noise. Hope you enjoy this last episode of May.

Summer is nearing, that means I'll be taking a radio break soon. Four more episodes and then I'll be embracing the sun in stead of the Darkness :)

Horae Obscura is a weekly webradioshow bringing you the darkest, melancholic and eerie tracks the world has to offer! The show is curated by Oneirich and broadcast on Villa Bota Radio.

Website: horaeobscura.be
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    N8STROM2618 - I Don't Care
    Paragraphs - Weak
    maduro - Pinch
    Fractured Transmission - We Are All Vessels
    Catastrophe Noise - THERE IS CHAOS IN YOUR HEAD
    Somatic Responses - A Bassdrum that has Folded in on It's Self
    The Rain Kills Quietly - Pale
    Etripazon - C4oux
    MZKY - Ikima
    HIV+ - Ultima Terra [Rotten Beat Manifesto
    Pfp - Liquid Nightmares

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