Adamantis is a new webradioshow curated by Oneirich from The Kult of O and broadcast on Villa Bota Radio.


    Kraken - nachtschade
    Brighter Death Now vs Grammal Seizure - Hunger for Love (remixed)
    Trepaneringsritualen - An Immaculate Body of Water
    Asche - Control (Morgenstern Version)
    Kirdec - ...To Tharsis Tholus
    Gjöll - Derive with cut-throat Mind
    Camanecroszcope - at phlegehon's mouth
    Kommando - High on Ezeopam
    In Slaughter Natives - Tearing My Life Away
    Deutsche Nepal - Passolini Nightmare
    Ah Cama-Sotz - Deceiver
    Control - Flenskog
    Inade - The Collision Of Conscience Mfmix
    Xabec - Der innere Kreis (Short)

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