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    honschu lee - noctua (vinyl only)

    honschu lee - noctua (vinyl only) by honschu lee
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Profile description of honschu lee:

honschu lee was born in Berlin, Germany.

As a fan of "Kraftwerk" he discovered electronic music during the early 90s.

He attended the first partys in Riem/ Munich while techno became known in Germany. During that time he discovered Sven Väth and started shortly after to mix vinyl.

Today he is representing the original art of putting vinyl records on. He is famous for long excessive sets and extraordinary afterhours.

So far he deejayed in the following clubs and parties:
DGB Munich, Turbine Berlin, WRB OpenAir Frankfurt/Oder, Stellwerk Nuremberg, Koma Nuremberg, Mississippi Queen Nuremberg, B2 Nuremberg, WRB OpenAir Potsdam, HavelPartyBoat Potsdam, Asta Rosenheim, Nachtleben Potsdam, Barn Urbich, Saloppe Dresden, Kulturkellerei Nuremberg, Gecco Neustadt, Minimal Elektrokneipe Berlin, Alberts Berlin, Raumklang Berlin, Roter Salon Berlin, Stereo 33 Berlin, Nachtgiger Nuremberg, Club R19, Brunnen 70, Weisser Hase, VOID, Rosis, BitOW Posen.....

His first EP release in cooperation with martin fuchs will be released on mentaltriprecordings on the 1st of October 2013.

Since December 2015 he is a part of Interferenz Berlin.

    2:20   holger nielson - Avoid
    3:00   Holger Nielson - Avoid
    6:20   Clint Stewart - L714
    10:20   Oliver Koletzki - Ipuza
    21:20   Van Czar - Without Final
    24:00   Arnaud Le Texier - Octopus Modular
    33:20   Gregor Tresher - Stormblade
    38:20   Thomas P. Heckmann - Luminary
    45:00   Keith Carnal - Tangerine
    48:20   Joseph Capriati - Basic Elements
    54:20   Joseph Capriati - Awake
    58:40   Pig&Dan - Universal Love
    1:06:00   Kardinal - Blueberry
    1:11:20   wAFF - Holographic

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