Here's Nisha Ramayya's incredible poem "Following the Event", which I discovered a couple of days ago via Callie Gardner's great e-newsletter about reading and poetry, The Second Moon Letters, (subscribe here!!! As someone who has never been properly involved in a protest movement of any length but having accrued a good deal of friends over the years who have, I think Nisha's poem transported me closer to the feeling and experiences my friends describe than almost anything I've read about protests before, poetry or otherwise. It was also great to come across this just a couple of days after I thought I'd run out of new NR to read after having recently finished States of the Body Produced by Love, which I think accomplishes something new in terms of scope (at least for me) that I think I will take a long time to be able to describe properly. Short version: read it! Immediately! (Available from Ignota here:

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