The time is right to capitalise on all your hard work, so you ask yourself ‘How do I sell my company?’. Like all aspects of your business life, the key is preparation. Do your research so you enter the market knowing your company’s value, your position compared to your competitors and who realistically are sound potential buyers.

First, prepare your exit. Decide who’ll take over before you ask ‘how to sell my company?’. Buyers want the transition to be smooth. Next, tidy up the paperwork! Prospective buyers want accounts in order and all the company’s income and assets accounted for. Then, ensure the time is right: are orders up and the company in growth? Make your business an attractive proposition. Fourthly, secure a third-party valuation. This gives you a firm basis from which to negotiate. Fifth, find a superior technology investment banking company to handle the sale. They’ll have the contacts and knowledge to get the most lucrative deal.

Finally, investigate interested buyers thoroughly before you strike a deal. Ask yourself ‘If I sell my company to them, do they have finance in place and are they a good match for my company’s ethos?’

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