Written, played, mixed and produced by me
Lyrics "does it always have to be worth it? What if I make one mistake is it over?" Is from the swedish artist Lydia Asteberg youtube.com/watch?v=6J3fBSrLrFc her song is available here.
I’ve been on the
Otherside of life and
Pain runs through
My veins oh dear night
Have you heard of the
Of the
My prayer
Have you heard of
My pain moon?
Broken windows saw us
Shadows within withhold us
Empty mirrors see through me
Soul died here
Love can’t see me
Picturesque scene
My eyes b leed
See for me, Breath for me, Be for me, Walk for me, give me strength to break the wall I fucking built for me, Anyhow, many hows many whys, sad about so many died in this state, the walls are fucking closing now
Oh emptiness I guess you’re a friend of mine
I heard a girl sing
Does it always have to be worth it?
What if I make one
Mistake is it over?

No, fuck this
Contrasts we got it
Elevation hit me
Coming up or shoot me
Poison in the streams flying
Over my head keep trying
Water in my lungs, but it’s air I’m breathing
Have you seen? What can’t be seen?

Don't let me slide, hold on
Died inside, life goes on
God is Love, be it
Just like eyes we feel it
Never ever do you leave me
Remember when I prayed for you to kill me?

Everything is eternal, lack does not exist
Lack is an illusion of the mind
The root to all suffering is not desire but lack
Lack is a dysfunctional perspective
Peace Out

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