((Lyrics ))
Dying dreams
Dying dreams
Dying dreams

Dreams burning down
Don't make a sound
Don't say my name
I will escape

Where are my colors now?

They will hunt for me
They will search for me
They will hunt my dreams

They will kill my dreams
Burn down every thing
Just to find me

Dreamers aren't safe
There is no way
You could escape
This your fate

Dying dreams don't make a sound
Dying dreams born in the clouds
Dying dreams will slip away
Dying dreams fear the day
Dying dreams know what to say

Where are they?
Where are they?
Where are they?

My colors now
My colors now
My colors now

Dying dreams know everything
and anything for everything and anything
that's anything is known by dying dreams

Dying dreams don't make a sound
they take apart the softer sounds
to melt away the frequencies
connecting you to dreamer me

Dying dreams are after me
and after everything I see
and anything I want to be
is something they don't want for me

Dying dreams have found me now
I must escape someway somehow
They're after everything I see
They want the colored parts of me

Melt the waves down

Take out my sounds

Connect-ing you

To dreamer me

You are my last

Thought I can have

Now I must go

Before they know

I got away

    Electronic, Experimental, Indie
    • Type: Original
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