Brian Jackson & Gil Scott-Heron - Offering
Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy plus Adolf Hitler's speech on democracy as depitcted in Edward Bernay's 'Propanda' as well as 'The Crowd' by Gustav Le Bon (if listening to Hitler together with dope Music is shoking 2 u, I recomment giving e.g. 'Conjuring Hitler' by Guido Giacomo Preparata or Antony C Sutton 'Wallstreet And the Rise Of Hitler' some good read)
Lightning Bolt - Big Banger
Maral - Push
MC Yallah - Ndi Mukazi
Tijuana Hercules - Then After That
Yowie - Dunderdruck (Remastered)
Minor Threat - Minor Threat (Version)
Mike Alexander & the Pott Steelers - You Are My Sunshine
Lucas Nwananga and His Band - Shaluza Lucas
BigGhostLimited - Got A Feelin
Focus On The Breath - Not A Long Time Ago (pt.I)
brin - Soft Gaiden
Alien Nosejob - I Still Call This Punk Scene My Home
JK Flesh - Different Species
fartbarf - the destroyers

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