Onto the final podcast of 2015, Gary The Apprentice has put together a nice 2 hour mix for your listening pleasure. Expect a diverse blend of Techno.

Sweet Decay (Original Mix) - Brendon Moeller
Clone (Original Mix) - Ross Evans
Its All in Your Mind (Lo Shea Remix) - Dan Curtin
Dazzid (Original Mix) - Franklin De Costa
Glance (Original Mix) - Dan Curtin
One Evening At Mrs Applebee's (Purveyors Of Fine Funk Mix) - Dan Curtin
Silenth Noises (Robert Hood Remix) - Roel Salemink
Spectrafuck (James Ruskin Remix) - Sawlin
Self Portrait (I:Cube Remix) - Terrence Dixon
Indictment (Original Mix) - Israel Vines
Lux (Antigone Remix) - Stephen Brown
Truant (Original Mix) - Alan Fitzpatrick
No Stress (Original Mix) - Jonas Kopp
Black Russian (Original Mix) - DVS1
Metropolis How? (James Ruskin Remix) - Little Nobody
Minimalism (DVS1 Remix) - Terrence Dixon
In Their Steps (Original Mix) - Birth Of Frequency
2 O'Clock Wake Up (Original Mix) - Valmay
Walfisch (Original Mix) - Roman Poncet
All Day (Robert Hood Remix) - Gingy, Bordello
Aurelon 10 (Original Mix) - Vince Watson
Never Grow Old (Re-Plant) - Floorplan
Minor A 10 (Original Mix) - Valmay
Blade Runner (Zadig Remix) - Woo York
Enter (Original Mix) - Antigone
Bisonspoor (Original Mix) - Invite
Ripple Effect (Original Mix) - Ross Alexander
A Better Way Of Living (Original Mix) - Sigha
Spider (Original Mix) - Surgeon
Zilla (Original Mix) - Surgeon
Afterglow (Original Mix) - Roman Poncet
Tsiu (J. Tijn Remix) - Boner M
Straight At Me (Original Mix) - Kitkatone
Space (DVS1 Remix) - Gennaro Mastrantonio, Billy Johnston
Flyby/Falling (Enhanced Version) - Ø [Phase]
Hank (Original Mix) - Jonas Kopp

We will be back in 2016 with more FREE releases and podcasts.
Stay tuned y'all.


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    25:20   Sawlin - Spectrafuck (James Ruskin Remix)
    42:00   Jonas Kopp - No Stress
    1:12:40   Floorplan - Never Grow Old (Re-Plant)
    1:43:00   Roman Poncet - Afterglow

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