After an absolutely banging gig at The Lick All Nighter on 10 May 2019, I felt I should record the tracks that I played. It was quite possibly one of the most enjoyable gigs I've had, and also possibly one of the best events I've attended.

For the 18th podcast, expect some straight up, bangin', and in the words of The Lick crew, BAWS OOT TECHNO.


Patrick DSP - Dank Molly
British Murder Boys - Rule By Law
Rectum Rocker - Firm Hands
Mr Peg - Beg Me
Lars Klein - Sweat pt. 2
D.A.V.E. The Drummer Vs The Anxious - Hydraulix 16 A
The Anxious - Stalker
Dave The Drummer & Chris Liberator - Underthreat (Patrick DSP Remix)
Slut Peddler's - The Gimp
Lars Klein - Black Rain
Glenn Wilson & Mike Humphries - Shackled
Patrick DSP - Ballistic Measures
Patrick DSP - Did I Stu-Stu-Studah Motha Fucka
D.A.V.E. The Drummer & The Anxious - Hydraulix 37 B1
Mike Humphries & Glenn Wilson - Submit
DJ Urban - Hydraulix 13.4
Patrick DSP - Moscow Bound
Patrick DSP - Big It Ah
Patrick DSP - Scum Like You

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    • Key: Abm
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