GTA Digital Podcast is back with the thirteenth mix in the series.

For the last podcast of the year, Gary The Apprentice takes us on a journey through some deep, hypnotic techno, moving into more solid, straight up sounds as the mix progresses. Expect tracks by the likes of Invite, Developer, Joe Farr, Bas Mooy and many more. See the full tracklist below for details.

Micro (Original Mix) - Invite
The People From Mars Don't Want Us There (Original Mix) - Moving Thoughts
Saga IV (Original Mix) - Tensal
Generator (Original Mix) - Samuel L Session
Ascender Calling (Original Mix) - Developer
Morning Lobotomy (Flug Remix) - KMYLE
Sama Doma (Forward Strategy Group remix) - Lag
John (Original Mix) - Joe Farr
Spiral Form (Original Mix) - Developer
Shot In The Dark (Original Mix) - Savas Pascalidis
Lost (Original Mix) - Moving Thoughts
Dr Fastofle (Original Mix) - Zadig
Lnwsd 001 (Original Mix) - Backlogs
Son of Sins (Original Mix) - Bas Mooy
Frozen Room (Original Mix) - Charles Fenckler
Machine Dust (Original Mix) - Johnny Island
District 2 (909 Drums) (Original Mix) - Charles Fenckler
Kaayman Regiment (Original Mix) - Bas Mooy
Kontrola (Bas Mooy remix) - Lag
Grid (Original Mix) - Mode Regressi√łn
Funnel Fiends (Original Mix) - Paul Birken
K E P L E R (Original Mix) - H8802

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Merry Christmas and all the best for 2017 y'all.

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