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Double CDs incliuding:
"Sousaku Can" (2007, remastered 2014) and "Domino" (2010)


  1. Calling From TKEO
  2. Kimi Wa Doko Ni Iru No (Looking for the Fragments Of You)
  3. Hima
  4. Mouse
  5. Summer
  6. Ring Of The Bells (Ting)
  7. Betsu No Koto (The Other Thing)
  8. Kaotic Swirl (KOS)
  9. A Night Song (Improvised For Synthetic Voices)
  10. Hima (Decadence Mix, with DJ Haranaga) **
  11. Frozen Cities (WX)

Physical CD
Available on CDBaby later
Available at Tokyo Future Music (Ikebukuro, Tokyo)

Jamendo (original version)

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