STEFAN GROB --- Groby's Music-Diaries (V3-2019)

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„hell-o“. Hell ? Oh, I know „hell“. But too much of it is boring. So this is just a greeting from a better place (0.53) • Then get ready to take off with „yo heaven, hear I come“. A travelogue about a squared way to an acceptable destination. Whatever... something can be meaningful as long as we give it a meaning (9.17) • Return to earth and walk on with some obscure melodies to whistle, while suddenly the „thoughts compression area“ calls, to compress black thoughts into an area where the adrenalin calms down (4.58) • After this violet sci-fi experience, let’s jump through a small jungle of „past-flaming echoes“. A foggy ride between vague memorial tales conducted by a singing-storytelling guitar inside of a bright-raining sphere-scene (4.48) • Now get a „shaggy angel cocktail“ for free. Only here in the Cosmic-Toilet-Space-Bar (3.46). Next sight-seeing stop at the „nature quest“-hill station. There is a signpost with an inscription: We probably know nothing real true about our gods. And less than nothing about a rational-peaceful way of life. In a lucky situation we may have some useful-looking ideas about our big ideas. But it’s not enough. We fail too often. We get used to it. This seems to be normal and it also looks like as if it’s always one good reason enough to go on to reach the final point. In the end we have to let it go alone. Nature stays nature. We’re a part of it. Whether we understand it or not (10.44) • Ring-ring, who knows... Anyway, take it easy and stand straight for the next hit-single in the after-hour, when it’s time to take part in „the part of a part of an apart part“. An esoterically-darkening adventure. Stay clean (12.07)„a beginning warns from the end“?! No it’s „not“. But that’s no reason to get psychotic. So lay back and enjoy the soft thrill. Dig it! Time to wake up will be served (1.50) • Okay, the end-titles are running. Just leave the cinema, go outside and check in for a last „happy cruising in sweet sausage garden“ (6.19)

„slippy life drive“ (5.09) „aftermath / rest ground“ (12.59)

  • (recorded: summer 1999 /// CD: 1999)


    Soundtrack, Progressive Rock, Instrumental, Guitars, Atmospheric, Ambient, Prog-Jazz-Pop-Rock
    • Version: 1
    • Type: Original
    • © All rights reserved
    • Pforzheim, Deutschland
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