it's all about the positive vibes man, take it easy. 冷静さを保つ

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#Positive Vibes

Today's weather be 20 degrees
Outside hitting a blunt enjoying the warm breeze
What is this text msg that my phone finna recieve
Is this a beach party invitation that is sent to me?
My homies and my home girls hitting me up
They asking me if i finna show up
And respond back damn why the fuck notIt's kinda hot
Hit me up if y'all found a good parking spot
Yeah then i put on my favourite shades on
I hopped in my whip and blast my favourite song on
I exit my city to travel into the 416
Went from keele to the queen skreet
Yeah I can already feel the vibes being lit
I heard there's a lotta ppl that i can't miss
So i made a promise so it won't be a diss
I can't wait to shoot the hoops and make dem swish
U already know it bitch
Yeah look at dem skreetcars flow
The smell of downtown bbq is what i love the most
I see mandem hollaring from coast to coast
Yeah wus gucci bros
Come reach this beach party tho
It feels good to see my old homies glo
Cos they the ppl from my old hood supporting me the most
So then i finna made the ocean toast
Shoutout to all the ppl that was always close
Hop on the wave if u really fuck ocean
Don't be shy this the chance to make ur moment golden
Lemme see all the double cup or glass that y'all holding
Held it up high y'all know the party warming
Lame ass ppl lemme give u a warning
In this party weon llow ppl to be boring
Cos in here we get turnt like we all foreign
Champaign bottles y'all know that we pouring

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