A Psychedelic Yoga Experience with big alternate movements and deep meditation in 135 bpm
DOWNTEMPO PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE PSYDUB BLUEHOURSOUNDS and anymore. Crosswise 4 Decks real mixing Music in each other Genres - this is my Addiction and i LOVE it

I CALL iT <<<< <<< << < "" P S Y C H I L L D E L I C A "" > >> >>> >>>>

Try to find Balance between Chillout and Dancing, find the path of the Mystic-Universe. And don´t live in Past or Future; don´t think about anythink of your Person or other near Persons in ur live; don´t think about ur Dreams ur Vocation or ur Stupid Maschiene Job.

Try to hover in the NOW !!! BEEEE in ur Fate acept ur Feelings and let ur Feelings growing up, be more sensibel for the Resonances from the Nature.

Reshare this adventure trip Sound and u can DOWNLOAD and make ur Yoga Lesson 01 away ur Internet connection or ur Homebase!

Give mee Feedback or Constructively Critic and i can grow and Calm Down my stupid thinking head. Which one can only be Quieter then i make Music or Art!

drawn and mixed by Milvus Milvus aka Milan GOArtig aka Schraubendreher

    0:20   Gaiana - Deep Blue Skies
    1:08:00   Zaigonen - Trojan Hyper Dub (Original Mix)
    1:27:20   Tengri feat. Vlastur - Dance of the Crow (feat. Vlastur)

    Psytrance, Downtempo, Psydub, Psychill, Psychedelic Trance, Psychilldelica, bluehoursounds, Forest, Chillout, yoga
    • Version: 01
    • Type: Mix
    • 135 bpm
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