I’m always looking to develop my production skills and learn new techniques to apply to tracks. Inspired by recent online discussion of Dub Techno production and my fondness for atmospheric electronic tracks I thought I’d try and make a track that used some of the techniques used by acts such as Basic Channel.

I started working on a D&B track with greater emphasis on atmospheric sounds (in this case a rain storm kindly provided by soundcloud.com/abstraction), techno stabs and dub delays than I would normally use. As the track got closer to completion I decided to experiment with making a version at a more typical Techno tempo of 120bpm and replacing the breakbeat with pounding kick based drums. The result of this experimentation are these tracks Odyssey Dub Parts 1 & 2 available here.

Part 2 goes further in a Dub Techno direction. Lowering the BPM to 120 and the breaks give way to a 4/4 Kickdrum


    Dub Techno
    • Type: Original
    • Release Date: 13-11-15
    • 120 bpm
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