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In the fourth minisode of Frequency Resonance Radio, Eva Gnostiquette gets pissed off about the strike on Syria.
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Opening/closing theme: 'I dunno' by grapes (ft. J Lang, Morusque)
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Strike on Syria: rt.com/news/383782-us-strikes-syria-tomahawaks/, rt.com/news/383785-us-missiles-syrian-army/
Missing facts on the chemical attack: fee.org/articles/these-are-the-missing-facts-about-the-chemical-attack-in-syria/, rt.com/op-edge/383524-syria-idlib-chemical-attack-rebels/
Brian Williams quotes Leonard Cohen: twitter.com/adamjohnsonNYC/status/850206506205102080
MSM reactions to the strike: twitter.com/MattBinder/status/850201427062308864, twitter.com/adamjohnsonNYC/status/850272725037752321, twitter.com/williamwasteman/status/850242799052005376, twitter.com/virgiltexas/status/850175908342358016, twitter.com/virgiltexas/status/850174893215842304
Chris Matthews' wild speculations: twitter.com/tommyxtopher/status/850176770351542273

    42:40   Maggs and Trish - Hard Working Man
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