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Who thinks it's brainless when people use multiple accounts ?
Isn't it a sad pathetic thing?

Actually its kinda smart, if one account gets deleted they always have another one. Especially if they're spamming or just doing it to get best answer.Those multiple accounts are almost always just trolls, It really is sad.
Some of them probably answer their own questions with a second account in order to match the disembodied voices they hear, or just because they believe it is efficient propaganda. Others may be paranoid and are afraid that someone will punish them if their identity is pinned down. Some are severely sociopathic and are somewhat afraid of being tracked by the FBI or other agency.

In my opinion I think its strange. And how do they keep track of all of those? Plus its confusing for the rest of us. Sometimes I think they do it because they are so hated on one account that they have to change so people will take them seriously. It's when people go to huge lengths to hide themselves..even when you have then rumbled and say so they still carry on...unbelievably sad . Also once I know someone has done that then it makes me doubt them forever more...What really galls me is when they say one thing on one account and then contradict themselves on another.

Thank God I left Mixcloud......


  1. Funkstorung - 'C'ost La Vie (Trip Hop classic vinyl-rip 1991)
  2. The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - Caravan!
  3. Archive - You make me feel (Spectre remix)
  4. Æthenor - Untitled
  5. Aim - Diggin Dizzy
  6. Richard Devine - Step Focus
  7. Richard Devine - Insil Segment
  8. Tricky - Christiansands
  9. Tricky - Bad Things
  10. Sofa Surfers - Bon Voyage
  11. Sofa Surfers - Fiaker (Driving Home To Hasenearl)
    0:00   Jean Michel Jarre - C'est La Vie [Funkst rung Remix]
    3:20   The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - Caravan!
    16:20   Aim - Diggin' Dizzy
    19:00   Richard Devine - Step Focus
    21:00   Richard Devine - Insil Segment
    23:00   Tricky - Christiansands
    26:40   Tricky - Bad Things
    29:40   Sofa Surfers - Bon Voyage
    34:40   Sofa Surfers - Fiaker (Driving Home To Hasenearl)

    Experimental, trip hop, Dub
    • Type: DJ-Set
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