Recorded live on two turntables and one cdj2000 at smartbar as I opened for Actress on October 9th, 2014.
This was somewhat of a landmark evening for me, playing before Actress. Hazyville, his first album, was released around the same time I started to find my own foothold in an actual production style. His blurry, sludge-filled tunes still inform much of how I treat the sounds in my music.
When Marea texted me in late Summer and asked if I'd like the slot, I nearly threw my phone across the room. After weeks of research online and hours at Gramaphone Records, I culled a set that represents a new step in terms of the style and breadth of my previous dj sets. It is decidedly looser, and has its rough spots, but it's some of the most off the cuff fun I've had in a long time, and I'm excited to share it with ya'll.

Artwork by Kyle Stewart.

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