Title: self explainatory... Fuck the TURD POTUS, MR RACIST DONALD TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He will be GONE SOON, I PRAY!!
GK uses: Rodgers Drums (Vintage 1976) with Zyldjian Cymbals Sottish Gong,Cowbells+ Bells
Tascam DP-006 Multi-Track Recorder> Metronome
Casio WK-1630 Synthesizer> Bass,Piano,Sax,Trumpet sounds, Tweek background noise, Marimba/Vibraphone, Clarinet
Baldwin Acrosonic> (Mom's-RIP! ♥) Acoustic Piano :0)
Fender Rhodes> Electric Piano (1968... Orig. Owned by Tommy Smothers)WoW! My Bro' Wayne bought it from my formerv "Cover Band's Pianist!!
Yamaha DX-7 Synthesizer> Organ and background "acid tweeks!"

RELEASE the ANGER> RESTORE Brotherhood, civility and LOVE! BLM just as much as ALL LIVES MATTER! Save the Children
And the Planet EARTH by throwing and or VOTING OUT THE TRASH, NOV. 3rd, 2020! TUCK FRUMP!!

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    • 160 bpm
    • Key: Em
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