After you desire and live a fantasy one sided relationship that's a Paradox (YOU KNEW was a TRAIN WRECK) for the better part of a decade, you snap out of it... Regain your FOCUS, Beliefs and VALUE SYSTEM understanding that People, deeds, Family, happiness and KINDNESS Matter MORE than Entertainment, Money, clothes, Cars, Refurbished property,REMODELLING a F'n KITCHEN for too many $$$, yards, keeping up with the Jones', etc... THIS JAM addresses my coming out from hanging too long under THAT particular STRESS CLOUD! YES! I'm FREE! Never to Kid myself or waste myself investing my TIME, Labor & Love trying to address and impress that person's NEEDS EVER AGAIN! To Quote her, "We're Done!!" "Damn Straight, Baby!!!"
GK PLAYS: Rodgers Drums with Zyldjian Cymbals
Casio WK-1630 Synthesizer> Sax-Bass-Piano w/effects
Fender Rhodes> Electric Piano

    • 93 bpm
    • Key: Bm
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