Army of Darkness Entertainment Presents:

The Worst of Gemini Killer Vol.13: Kings of Horror

Released on Halloween 2016 for Sale Worldwide
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  1. The Exorcism of a Wack Rapper [prod. by Pierre Cliche]

  2. Death 2 da Pigs [prod. by Gemini Killer]

  3. RotteN ft. Cypher 360 [prod. by P.cliche]

  4. She's a Lady Killer [prod. by G.killer]

  5. Robbed on the L Train [prod. by Gemini Killer]

  6. The Streets is Haunted [prod. by G.Killer]

  7. Bayte Niggas [prod. by Pierre "SnareWolf" Cliche]

  8. Killer County Hospital [prod. by Gemini Killer]

  9. The Revenant [prod. by G.Killer]

  10. I'll Paint a Picture 4 U !! [prod. by G.Killer]

  11. Voodoo Pussy 2: The Black Madonna [prod. by Gemini Killer]

  12. Papa Doc [prod. by Gemini Killer]

  13. Occido Lumen [prod. by Gemini Killer]

  14. The Mad King [prod. by G.Killer]

  15. Dia de los Muertos [prod. by Gemini Killer]

  16. War of the Black Roses [prod. by Gemini Killer]

  17. Happy Killer's Day [prod. by G.Killer]

  18. Blessed Evil [prod. by Pierre Cliche & Gemini Killer]

  19. Carnal Knowledge [prod. by G.Killer]

  20. Killer in the Box 3 [prod. by Pierre Cliche]

Executive Produced by: Gemini Killer
All Lyrics Written by: Gemini Killer
All Concepts by: Gemini Killer
Beats by: Gemini Killer & Pierre "SnareWolf" Cliche
Recorded @ PatchWerk Studios ATL
Recorded @ Plain Truth Studio NYC
Recorded @ SharkTank Studio SC
Mixed by: Gemini Killer
Engineered by: Alverne "Verne" Emmanuel (ATL)
Jonathan "Jon" Nieves (NYC)
Features: Cypher 360
Label: Army of Darkness Entertainment 2016
Copyright 2016

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    gemini killer, killer, hospital, kings county hospital, horror, vol.13, the worst of gemini killer
    • 160 bpm
    • Key: Bbm
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