New Year Countdown 2016

    New Year Countdown 2016 by GAPPYDEEJAY
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New Year Countdown Set
Venue : The Babylon Bangkok
HeartBeatDrama Intro
Leave The World Behind (Danny Mart The New Remix)
Runaway (Edson Pride Review R3ab's Remix)
Let's Go People (Alex Acosta Super Tribe Mix)
Touch Sex (Enrry Senna Rework Mix)
One Last Time (Edson Pride, Johnny Bass & Erick Fabbri Remix)
U got 2 know (Taylor Cruz Edit)
Cool For The Summer (Ennzo Dias & Tommy Love Remix)
Excuse My Beauty feat. Michael G (Edson Pride & Erick Fabbri Remix)
Appreciate To Party (Gualberto Garcia Mashup)
PLANET ROCK (Alan Capetillo & Andres Casas Mashup)
Circles (Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez Club Mix)
Get Naked ( Slupie TRA! Remix)
See You Again (Erick Fabbri Remix)
BBHMM (Oscar Velazquez & Luis Vazquez Remix)
Oh Baby Heartbreak (Thomas Solvert Mashup)
Unexpected Feelings (Mauro Mozart Remix)
Welcome to My World (Carlos Gomix & Roger Grey Remix)
Tribe Drums (Filipe Guerra Remix)
How Deep Is Your Love (Thiago Antony Remix) - hearthis.at
Devil Pray (Ivan Gomez Devil Drums Mash)
Love Again (Big Room Vocal Mix)
We Party All Around The World (Tommy Love Big Room Mix)
Up 4 It (Black 2 Black Paulo Pacheco & Mauro Mozart Remix)
The Message (DJ Aron Remix)
What I Did For Love (Edson Pride Review Jacksinsky Remix)
Let The Music Take Control (House Of Labs Club Mix)

    13:20   DJ Tommy Love - Let's Go People
    36:40   Isaac Escalante - Excuse My Beauty
    37:20   Isaac Escalante, Alain Jackinsky - Excuse My Beauty (feat. Michael G) (Edson Pride & Erick Fabbri Remix)
    38:40   Micky Friedmann - Start To Party
    48:40   Dave Audé - Circles (Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez Radio) (Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez Radio)
    1:05:00   Karim Cato - Oh Baby (Sweet Beatz Project Remix)
    1:09:20   Ivan Gomez - Unexpected Feelings
    1:13:00   Sweet Beatz Project - Welcome to My World (Carlos Gomix & Roger Grey Remix)
    1:13:40   Sweet Beatz Project - Welcome to My World
    1:15:40   Alex Acosta - Tribe Drums
    1:32:20   DJ Aron - We Party All Around The World
    1:39:20   Ivan Gomez - Up 4 It
    1:40:40   Micky Friedmann - The Message
    1:49:00   Matt Consola - Let the Music Take Control

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