• Artist: Ours Samplus
    Title: Over
    Lyrics: Mysticalinguist

I pretend to subjugate my own feelings,
Aspiring is all I can believe in,
A reason to keep dreaming, to dedicate a bit of meaning,
To the people receiving this.

I vent a thought, I take a care, I take the piss,
A lover's kiss, and a sense of anonymousness.
Rejecting, abhorring falseness,
In myself and others.

I got brothers in armistice, I got a problem,
I got solitude and I got vodka.
Doctor Doctor, I fell out a third story;
In a town similar to Balamory.

Fed ketamine, medical grade shit,
Felt like I ate amphetamine in a moshpit.
I took a hit to the hip from a very high slip,
Like a gravity well to a sinking ship.

How unfit, raving in wheelchairs,
Couldn't go home, 'cause I couldn't do stairs.
But I've nothing but gratitude, I must share that:
In my time of need my friends were all there.

Yeah, they were there for me, those beautiful entities.
I hope you live centuries.
Spread out to the stars like cosmic esturies,
I can't share what you all meant to me.

Back then, back before I found love,
Back before the backbone, back before it got tough.
Back before the broke bones, all I had was breakbeat,
Now I have moans and groans and work and achey feet.

But I'm not moaning, I got gratitude,
I got life and a positive attitude.
Head up in the clouds, for the altitudes,
Or down low for the shuddering amplitudes.


Music is a spiritual apotheosis,
Lyrics are the domain of jokers;
Like Mahatma Gandhi,
A super calloused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis.


Know this - I'm licking liquor for the liver cirrhosis,
Drinking and smoking so much I got;
Doctor what's the diagonosis?

*Why do we fight over sides of the mountain to climb?
We're all headed for the same peak...
We're all heading for the same peak.
That thrill that we seek.

Why do we fight over sides of the mountain to climb?
We're all headed for the same peak...
We're all heading for the same peak.
That thrill we seek. *

*At the end of the week.
As we tend to the weak.
Or turn the other cheek.
Don't turn the other cheek.

Don't turn the other cheek.
Never turn the other cheek.
To the happiness that you seek.*

Okay, listen,
Yeah - listen.

I let the weary days roll over,
I let the sunny days get colder,
Allow the hangover haze to get sober.
Before my cranium goes supernova.

May the bridges I burn light the way.
Let the music articulate what I gotta say.
As the wordplay raps are wrapping around me,
Like a faraday cage, or an underpaid wage.

I'm just looking for emotional catharsis,
Found it in sound, you might find it in card tricks.
Linguistic phonetics, lyrical fanatics;
The apparatus of asthmatics.

Anyway, I ramble discursive.
And the words are coercive, so immersive;
In a digital cursive, almost subversive,
Maybe a bit too assertive.

Take the initiative, look to the days to come,
I ain't primitive, I'm tomorrow's son.
I don't condemn what we've done, I'm praising innovation,
Forward technology, our liberation.

Why can't we reconcile spirit and science,
Why don't we build upon the shoulders of giants.
We harbour competitive defiance;
'Til it taints all potential alliances.

Suffering in silences.
We're all suffering in silences of random attacks of violences,
Instead of random acts of kindnesses.

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