The first Steely Dan LP I bought in the early 8O's was Can't Buy a Thrill with the Do It Again anthem... Then Gaucho came out and I was blown away by these Music masters; I bought every album they released, and I remember that Aja (on which this gem came from) was the 3rd of their LPs that I bought.
I still own the vinyl that got played on and on in parties, and while I was hunting for a better sounding version of it, I might have bought 3 more different CD albums of the same Aja.
When Steely Dan did their come back in 93/94 with the Live tour in the US, I was so happy, plus they decided to hire Dennis Chambers on Drums, and he did such a great work...
I have always in search of a real enhanced and DJ friendly edit of this cult track, but I never found it.
So I decided to work myself on a rework...
Nuff Respect to Donald Fagen and Walter Becker for having done such incredible music !!!
Enjoy party people in the house !

    Soul, AOR
    • Type: Remix
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