Hi Music lovers,
Here is my reworking of this 1979 anthem, originally issued on the Tusk album.
I use to play a lot Fleetwood Mac's records in my sets, and yes the dancefloor really enjoys their music !
So I Just wanted to pay tribute to miss Stevie Nicks's velvet and silky tone, in adding just a few species on this masterpiece...
It's only a few years that Stevie Nicks revealed the meaning of "Sara"...
Love the groovy Rhythm that Mick Fleetwood and John McVie created on this track!
Actually I am a big fan of Mick Fleetwood original drumming, and I also wanted to submit some humble arrangements in adding a breakdown in the middle of the song, among other ideas.
I must not forget Christine McVie's input who always brought some qualitative ideas in Fleetwood Mac's music, and on this track it is again the case with her piano chords, and of course her background vocals.
By the way, I love the call and response game that both Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie are both doing in the third part of the song...
Not to forget the maestri of Lindsey Buckingham whose role in composing, playing and producing helped Fleetwood to reach higher recognition.
Enjoy party people in tha house !!!

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