Taken From The 3 CD Set "Lovesexy Tour Rehearsals - Paisley Park, April 1988 Vol. 1" (Sabotage)


CD 1
The Payback
Alphabet Street - Instr. Jam W/ Improvisation/Feel U Up Over Alphabet Street - Groove & Horns/Alphabet Street W/ Cat's Rap
Glam Slam - Various Takes Of Jam - Ending/ Glam Slam
Anna Stesia - Intro
Discussion On Missing Sound Effects (Gong & Wind)
Anna Stesia - First Part; First Chrous; Discussions
The Cross - First Part; First Line
Instrumental Turnaround & Drum Solo
Head - Sung By Just The Girls 4:34
When You Were Mine - Two Times; One Of These: Vox By Boni
Little Red Corvette - Intro
Pop Life - Short Version
Controversy With Turnaround Into Next Song
Dirty Mind - Short; Twice

CD 2
Intro To Superfunkycalifragisexy/ Superfunkycalifragisexy - Various Takes (Miko Leads The Way)
Positivity - Twice/ Positivity - Another Take/ Positivity -Vocals By Prince Here; Short Bit Of T.T. D'Arby's "Wishing Well"/ Positivity - Sung By Prince/ Positivity - Sung By Prince/ Positivity - Sung By Prince From Start/ Positivity - Another Take
Anna Stesia - Vocals By Prince
Glam Slam - Intro; Then Halfway Through & Various Short Takes
Dance On W/ Turnarounds/ Dance On With Turnarounds
When 2 R In Love
Guitar Intro To Lovesexy, Then Lovesexy - Long Take/ Lovesexy - 1-minute Take
The Cross - Short Ending
I Wish U Heaven

CD 3
Positivity I/ Positivity II
Alphabet Street - Ending
Little Red Corvette - Short Take
Pop Life - Three Times From Start
Controversy/ Into Next Song
Dirty Mind/ Into Next Song
Superfunkycalifragisexy 1:52
Bob George - Intro 0:29
Controversy/ Into Next Song
Superfunkycalifragisexy/ Into Next Song
Bob George - Intro/ Followed By Last Third
I Wanna Be Your Lover
Head 4:43
When You Were Mine
Intro To Little Red Corvette
Chains Of Fool (Jam With James Brown's "I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing" & "Money Won't Change You")
Bonus From Paisley Park (Listed In Turn It Up 2.0 As "Rehearsal #5 From June 1988")
When You Were Mine
Little Red Corvette
Pop Life
Dirty Mind
Superfunkycalifragisexy/ Controversy
Bob George
Anna Stesia
Cross The Line

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