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    French House Club Vol 1 - Audio Disc Edit by Nockx

    French House Club Vol 1 - Audio Disc Edit by Nockx by French House Club
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French House Club Vol.1
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Appartement 511 (France) Demasi meets Koki mixed by Le Pimp (Sweden) Dominic Pierce (USA) Hey Tu feat. VYERO (Mexico) Ice Cream (Germany) Kid Le Chat (USA) Mac Stanton (France) Midnight Martyn (Brazil) Poka (United Kingdom) * Sleekwave (USA)

This is the first ever official release branded as "French House Club". The Collective exists since 2007 and was founded to promote talented underground producer. After a good start on myspace the project was much years on ice, but a decade later we reactivate it and after 2 years back on the screen we get in touch with Mac Stanton, the label owner of So French Records. He gave us the chance to realise this compilation, which we ever dream about.

In the last few years we found some new talented artists which became part of the family and we also reactivate our connections from back in the days. So we could select this collection of some marvelous fresh tunes and classic gems.

This collection is so versatile as the french house genre itself. So we start the journey with a smooth mood and came to funky disco sounds.

We want to thank all our featured members and also them, who couldn't be on this release, for their great art. A huge thank goes to Mac Stanton to give us this opportunity.


01 00:00:00 Appartement 511 - The Wild Way
02 00:03:58 Sleekwave - Interstellar Distance (Extended)
03 00:08:00 Poka - The Source
04 00:13:29 Sleekwave - Laguna Palms
05 00:17:36 Ice Cream - Better Day
06 00:23:01 Dominic Pierce - Good Friends
07 00:26:33 Appartement 511 - Time
08 00:30:40 Ice Cream - Get Together
09 00:35:46 disko Cream - Strangers In The Night
10 00:40:30 Mac Stanton - You Can Dance
11 00:44:25 Poka - 1987 (retouch)
12 00:48:44 Poka - Believe (retouch)
13 00:53:11 Demasi meets Koki - Week N Days (Le Pimp Remix)
14 00:55:32 Hey Tu! feat. VYERO - Strange Vibrations
15 01:00:28 Poka - Starcrash
16 01:04:53 Midnight Martyn - California
17 01:09:37 Kid Le Chat - Lizards (Midnight Martyn Remix)

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    0:00   Appartement 511 - The Wild Way [So French Records]
    3:58   Sleekwave - Interstellar Distance (Extended) [So French Records]
    8:00   Poka - The Source [So French Records]
    13:29   Sleekwave - Laguna Palms [So French Records]
    17:36   Ice Cream - Better Day [So French Records]
    23:01   Dominic Pierce - Good Friends [So French Records]
    26:33   Appartement 511 - Time [So French Records]
    30:40   Ice Cream - Get Together [So French Records]
    35:46   disko Cream - Strangers In The Night [So French Records]
    40:30   Mac Stanton - You Can Dance [So French Records]
    44:25   Poka - 1987 (retouch) [So French Records]
    48:44   Poka - Believe (retouch) [So French Records]
    53:11   Demasi meets Koki - Week N Days (Le Pimp Remix) [So French Records]
    55:32   Hey Tu! feat. VYERO - Strange Vibrations [So French Records]
    1:00:28   Poka - Starcrash [So French Records]
    1:04:53   Midnight Martyn - California [So French Records]
    1:09:37   Kid Le Chat - Lizards (Midnight Martyn Remix) [So French Records]

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    • Version: Audio Disc
    • Type: Mix
    • Release Date: 11/11/2020 1:00 PM
    • 127 bpm
    • Key: Abm
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