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// About
„Mindemania“ - my madness is my freedom. Jorkes make it to their third release on Freeride Millenium. Dreamery synth armadas dropping liquid through nighty drum attacks. Our nights become crunchy and evolving. Cloudy pads open your sight to mellow bass landings. This is a journey through the night. Through everything that keeps us moving. Slightly different the Lovegasm Version adds the erotica to your night you were praying for. Surrender yourself to ambient magician Nikkame and his interpretation of how deep a journey can go. Daniel Rajcsanyi designed your visual Mindemania experience. Fly. Paint. Explore your own Mindemania.

// Situation
Is this reality?
Is this a dream?
Where is it driving me?
I need to press stop.
Too fast everything is evolving.
A carousel building in my head.
Get the way out.
Find me light.
Find me comfort.
Caress me.
No more mania.
Is this the real me?
Is this a mirror at all?
Let me sleep.
Is this my heart?
Connect it again to my brain.
Balance the life that seemed so troubled.
Let me live in this reality.
Sweet solitude.
Mindemania in me.

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