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  • Introduction
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  • On my highly personal style/taste, and What makes me stand out
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I'm a Freelance Composer with lots of depth and experience in several musical genres, but also for visual and music symbolism.
I'm offering my services at attractive rates at this point, also been stepping up, aiming for pro music production for media and gaming markets.

For projects, my music can be focused on the single emotions and effective cues, to greatly enhance the mood, or more complex and closer communication to bring extra plot dimensions to the script and screenplay, on a highly professional intepretation & correlation level.

For me, the thing I value the very most in music is the emotions it touches, both my own and for listeners.
It could be technically and theoretically advanced, but not always necessarily.

Some of my personal tracks here are very complex and not as suitable as cues, more for showcasing my depth, composing level & musical versatileness.
More variation in other specific styles will be coming up as my software & sample library toolset grows. Customized cues shouldn't be any problem to create though.

Recently, I've focused a lot on improved mixing & mastering skills quite a bit, and I also consider re-mastering most of my existing tracks.
I use Izotope Ozone 5, Melda Mixing bundle and other professional plugins & software.

I also update track titles to let you know when latest update & some track replacement is made for each track.
But I often like to keep all the comments, since I'm so fond of all the genuine interest and in-depth thoughts, now and in the past!

Thanks a ton so far, and stay tuned for new re-mastered versions & new tracks, reaching the next level!

With 7 years of post-college full-time music education & more than 15 years of teaching music subjects, I've begun to focus alot more on my own music again in recent years.
Still improving my production skills towards Music Production, but I now feel ready to start marketing myself and my services, whether it's for moving image and other medias, freelance musician for track projects, editing and mixing your own tracks.

So let me know if you think you got some task for me to work on. Either as a hired talent, or for mutually fulfilling self-promotions of pro quality.

I think the attention to details is of highest importance, be it details in phrasing, melodies, chord changes, sound and mixing etc.
The diverse and extensive music background and close studies of film & game genres all certainly help for these things. But there's more:

Another aspect is that I often design my own music for deeper analyze challenges, for anybody who gives it a try.
Therefore, there are some heavy hidden symbolism in my tracks. Highest amount so far is in "Broken Reality, Choir version". and "The Fairies That Stopped Beating Around The Bush" - full version.
Both traditional music symbolism, but sometimes/often including sublime or hidden symbolism for adding depth, multi-layered concepts, mystery and challenge to analyze.
In specific tracks, I usually avoid spelling out any sublime references, because I'd rather invite you to have all kinds of personal & individual thoughts on my creations.
Before I picked up composing again, I spend most of my spare time with personal research on numerous subjects, from different perspectives for a wider picture.
This too helps me in my highly personal composing style - Metaphors, allegories, and to reference well-known and less known knowledge & media alike.

For OLD FRIENDS: Give me a holler if you wish for some new in-depth feedback of your own material,

for ANY LISTENER: As always, put a REAL listening comment on my track, and I'll prioritize giving a real comment back on yours.
If I feel you're the kind that welcome critical ears mentions with close attention listenings, then I'm usually game for offering some in-depth feedback.
Personally, I welcome all kinds of nitpicking and remarks on my own tracks. That's the kind of comments that helps me improve the best, but not everybody appreciate that on theirs, I'm ok with that too.]

So give me some of your honest thoughts on my music, whether it's technical, performance-based, musical, emotional, symbolical/allegorical or something else!

If you actually made it all the way through this text, then I guess it's a shame I didn't fire up a personal blog of mine yet. Been thinking about it lately though.
For now, I have more info at

(This About section updated Oct 26, 2014, and will probably be updated again soon.)

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