Here's my cinematic intepretation of the Junkie XL Remix - contest stems.

Take an epic and violent journey with me, but hopefully you won't get caught up in choosing a team and a perceived enemy. (It's the depicting of a film sequence, a fitting title perhaps)
Really good audio quality in the stems and overall. (Original version by JXL for the "300 - Rise of an Empire" Soundtrack: "History of Artemisia")

Including Omnisphere Horizon, adding historic instruments, additional brass and SFX design.
Musically speaking, I wanted to make the most out of the original melodic qualities and orchestral scoring. Then I attempted to correlate the melodies more with the chord progressions in the orchestral original scoring.
Keeping the main motifs, but re-arranging accordingly. You can hear it in the the chords during the flutes & male vocals, and the late part highlights for instance.

I wished to maintain the original context of the traumatic past of the female naval commander, the interesting references/similarities to a certain Goddess, and the not too uncommon conception of Divine rights to rule and conquer.

But in addition to that, also musically hinting the conception of enlightenment and wisdom, even to forsight, and understanding consequences of actions taken.
Some subtle added details actually are there for that purpose.

Happy with the sound of this either way. It's been good practise too.
I also have a Trailer voice design version, which tells a similar story in words, even though it's originality had to be limited too. Check it out here:
Fredrik-park – The-origins-of-a-dead-divine-1

Some high quality scoring and traditional music research/knowledge by Junkie XL shown in the original track, "History of Artemisa".

Arranging, editing & mixing of the original individual sounds/instruments/orchestra sections additional composing & scoring, by Fredrik Park.
Adding Historic instruments with additional melodic motifs and percussion rythms, Sound design from retail Sound effects, Omnisphere (including contents from The Unfinished's Horizon Bundle)
Produced with Studio One 2 Professional.

Personal disclaimer for film depictions of Arabs/Persian in the original character context though, which I believe seems to be partly demonizing in depiction.
(One's heart is NOT by definition Persian, even if psychopatic beheadings in slo-mo would be the prefered action of choice, IMO.
Not by any stretch of imagination, but the suggestion still is there, effectively portrayed, whether one is able to be immune to the influence from the media depiction or not.)

There are enough indications in visuals and film score details to suggest that the movie is not about naturalistic realism or historical accuracy.

Nevertheless, the view of Persian vs. Greek seemed too one-sided for my taste, even though there are a few attempts to create more character complexity.
But the main feeling still remains negative and too unbalanced to me.
That said, I do appreciate what this contest offers, and the original scoring by Junkie XL.

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    • Type: Remix
    • 87 bpm
    • Key: Cm
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