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Hello music lovers out there!! My name is Frank Lex and I´m a music producer. As you can hear on my profil I´m producing different kind of music. The Tracks are similar in their build up but sill unique in their own way. Sometimes its hard to tell what kind of genre my music is. There are many influences in my music from 80´s synthwave to ambient,chillout,soundtracks, techno,trance(early 2000´s) and many more. From 90bpm to 138 Bpm. Wy I´m doing this? Music is a reflection of my life,feelings and personality,achievements and dissapointments ,the ups and downs.So please forgive me when my tracks dont fit 100% the genre.

    Erotica, downtempo, chillout, sex, ambient, Lounge, electronica, franklex, germanmusic, Romantic-Theme, soundtrack, score, moviescore, moviesoundtrack
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