The opening track off my new album 7 Nocturnes East.

This is what happens when I'm allowed to write for violin, viola and cello and record them in St James concert hall - and then mix in a bit of late night harbour found sound. Many thanks to both Mariposa Strings and St James Concert and Assembly Hall for their help with this part. Without them no strings and no hall!

Most of the rest of the album then heads back into my more familiar territory of electronic instruments. Well apart from another piece with the strings, one with descant, tenor and great bass recorders and there's another track with no instruments at all it's all made from electrical humming noises. Plus diggers, seagulls, the sea, drunk people, burglar alarms, traffic, rain, wind and all sorts of other sounds you might find on an early morning walk in Guernsey................

Full album available to order now from Bandcamp - CD and download.

"7 Nocturnes East - an early morning journey around Guernsey's north east Coast. Ambient music blended with environmental found sound recorded at each location.

I love walking around Guernsey late at night listening to music, mostly there is no-one around. You have the island to yourself. I also love the ambient sound of the environment blending with whatever I am listening to. Just as the daytime view out on the south coast cliffs or out over the Russel to Sark and Herm is never the same twice. Every night feels different too. The sky, stars and moon provide different amounts of light, from pitch black to moonlight bright enough to cast shadows.

The concept as it developed around St Peter Port 1am was this. Choose at night to record. Then hit the red recording button without too much thought. Work with the audio captured no matter what. With minimal curation and editing of the sound in post production. A true reflection of that moment in time."

'Flexagon’s soothing brand of organic electronica proves utterly beguiling and rather touching' - Bob Fischer, Electronic Sound

    Ambient, Instrumental, Experimental, Soundtrack, Field Recordings, Found Sound, Strings, Downtempo, Chillout
    • 85.5 bpm
    • Key: G
    • Guernsey, UK
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