SINGERS/RAPPERS/VOCALISTS: looking for vocalists of all kinds interested in working within this structure and vocal content. I'm looking for minimal lyrics --as in focus more on being saying a profound sentence than telling a huge story. brevity, or "less is more" is what I'm looking for, I mean. think a series of choruses/refrains without verses. melodic content and spoken word both welcomed and encouraged.

I need singers not just for this track but many more that I'm working on. As for compensation, I will pay up to $50/hour for a recording session, and you will be credited on the release notes.

please DM me, or email at banewaker at

sample not used with permission, but it's from Nas' 1994 Illmatic, the track "Life's a Bitch", one of my favorite tracks of all time featuring AZ.

    ghetto house, juke, footwork, ghettotech, 808, 160bpm
    • 95 bpm
    • Key: F
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