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Genre: Electronic/Dubstep/Ambient

"Diametry" is a work about duality. It is an awakening from a nightmare. It is an escape into a dream. An ascension from madness into sublimity.

Two diametric objects are binary opposites of eachother, such as water and land, but are connected symbolically and symbiotically. Both are necessary to the survival and existance of the other, each completing the circular motion of life. Two diametric people share more in common with eachother than anyone else in the world.

"Diametry" is a story about transformation.


  1. Diametry 01:33
  2. Streetlight Daydream 06:38
  3. Transfigure 07:19
  4. Radiation 06:32
  5. The Volcanist 07:19
  6. Infinitesimal 07:44
  7. To See I 03:32
  8. Beyond 07:06
  9. Stoned Ape 05:01
  10. Toronto Is Broken - Into My Eyes (Fidelium Remix) 05:11
  11. Prism 05:58
  12. Understand 06:46


All music composed, produced, mixed, and mastered by Wayne Baker (Fidelium)
except for "Into My Eyes", which is originally by Christian Hoffmann (Toronto Is Broken) and remixed by Fidelium.
Used with permission.
Original cover and inset paintings by Stefani O’Driscoll Carignan
Album artwork by Christopher Hines
Vocals in "Radiation" by Maura Geiszler and Wayne Baker
Credits for various samples used throughout the album will be made available on my website in the near future.

For Stef. I couldn’t have put this together without you (and your beautiful paintings.)

Thank you to my family, for everything really. Thank you to the friends I made, had, and/or lost during the making of this work. Thank you especially to James, Nathan, and Ash for your ongoing support and advice. Of course, thank you to everyone at IDMf (I can’t name you all but to the in10s IRC: w0lolol). You are all my inspiration. Lastly, thank you, the listener.

Released 22 July 2011
Cat#: FID002

    • 94 bpm
    • Key: Gm
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