Profile description of Smooth One:

Smooth One is a composer, keyboard player and programining electronics.
He released his first LP (1996) « underground vibes » (inflamable/Sony) in co-writing with Dj CAM, then came a second LP ,« Substances » (inflamable/sony) , and « Live act » , recorded live at transmusicales de Rennes festival.
In the same time, a lot of remix ( Air, tek9, silent poets, etc..) and contributions to concept compilations ( SourceLab, La yellow 357).
These two studio albums appears in many compilations, mostly out of France.

Then Smooth One initiated his own independent label Superflux, which make music and images.
Superflux published two soudtracks on CD (« new york zero zero »directed by J. Schlomoff, and « Exit remix », with mix by Laurent Ho and Jumior’dub’ Conny).

His first LP on Superflux was ‘industrial welfare » , a black box with one audio CD, booklet of Photos, and a DVD with the film « Dock hotel », made with the benevolance of
Yohji Yamamoto.
This record was distribured by Believe Digital, Anticraft(fr) cod’co ( benelux) Arabesque (UK ) and Idc in USA.

The new album , « Cloud chamber », is about to be launched ( February26/
Three videos are almost ready.

His style ? It mixed sampling, programation, and real instruments (bass, guitars, vox, scratchs, melodica, violin).
Smooth One come from abstract hip-hop and this way of working is still his. But he also has deep rock roots, from krautrock to Brian Eno.

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