We are not really fast in terms of release frequency (what do you expect, we are called Traktor?), but we are pretty hard to stop! After almost 12 years in existence we finally managed to go to catalogue number 50 on Traktor Records! Besides the sublabels of course...they are named after much faster mobiles and release more.
The smoked out beginnings in instrumental hip hop and jazz back in 2004 when Traktor was young, stayed at home and smoked weed were followed by the rowdy rave phase: going out and partying pretty pretty hard, which quickly got out of hand and resulted in the sublabel Maehtrasher Records that continues to easily satisfy this urge until today.

Being all grown up now, Traktor Records concentrates more on elaborated, less aggressive club vibes in recent years. We thought that catalogue number 50 should be something special and be representing the style we are currently focussing on with brandnew exclusive tracks by our recent roster plus a few hints into this direction that we already threw in unintentionally earlier in the label history during our genre-defying punk years and which, looking back,were pretty important for the stylistical evolution Traktor Records went through.

We spare you the hard and fistbumping tracks and remixes by the likes of aUtOdiDakT, Malente, Proxy, Jan Driver, Zedd, Botnek, Dada Life or Gtronic we had between 2006 and 2013 as well as the early experiments but instead give you a big package with the best of the past deeper stuff plus 10 brandnew exclusives that all easily could have been singles in terms of quality! To the next 50!

♥ Traktor


  1. Music to make babies to – I’m on fire
  2. Ackermann – No stopping
  3. Space Ranger - Distorted
  4. Ivo - Transaction
    5. Marian Müller & Erlenbrunn – Magnetic Love
  5. Ackermann & John Disco – Glitzerhemd
  6. Music to make babies to feat. Knixx – Lighthorse
  7. John Disco – Wonky
  8. Stachy – Sonda
  9. Ojisan – Walk
  10. Misharev & Tsepelevski – Pacific
  11. Music to make babies to – Constant Reminder
  12. Pola-Riot feat. Beta Bow – Rubicon (Ackermann Remix)
  13. Ackermann – Brothers
  14. Ostbahnhof – Border
  15. Super Super feat. Adam Tensta – Flava
  16. Ackermann & Hausent – Loose Control (Skip Soul Remix)
  17. Ostbahnhof – Imma do
  18. Super Super – Suave
  19. Pola-Riot feat. Beta Bow – Bronco (Gmorozov Remix)
  20. Ackermann & Nadisko – When i burn too soon
  21. Music to make babies to feat. Knixx – Haze Machines (Space Ranger Remix)
  22. Jean E La Plastique – Come with me (Bold As Gold Remix)
  23. KRMPCK – Don’t Sleep (Super Super Remix)
  24. Music to make babies to feat. Knixx – All up in your face (Rotkraft Remix)
  25. Ackerman & Hausent – What makes you real
  26. Music to make babies to & Erlenbrunn – I don’t care
  27. Music to make babies to – To please you
  28. Ostbahnhof – Saatchi
  29. KRMPCK – Bass Ink (Music to make babies to Remix)
  30. Super Super feat. Eboi – Next Edition
  31. Music to make babies to – Vacation State of mind (Mrln Remix)
  32. Music to make babies to – E for emotion (Reprise)
  33. aUtOdiDakT feat. Knixx – UNI verse love (Music to make babies to Remix)

More infos:

    Tech-House, TECHNO, Deep Techno
    • Version: trak050
    • Type: Original
    • Release Date: 02/16/2016 19:08
    • © All rights reserved
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