After two years waiting, the second part just came !
I hope come with me to journey in the deepest point of Mediterranean, the Calypso deep ...

All production done with Future studio oS 64bit edition 3.
The gear :
Roland Fantom X6 : Pads, piano, drums, arpeggios
EtherSurface for Android : solos
Bass : Cort B5 five strings
Bass amp : tc electronics BG250
Bass compressor : tc electronics BG250 (Toneprint)
Bass preamp : Taurus T-Di
Bass strings : Tenson
Bass setup : Voodoo music Musical Instruments - Paleo Faliro in Greece
Audio interface : Maudio Delta series + omni i/o
Ardour 5 : recording, mix, mastering
Openshot : video editor
Camera : Olympus sw 790

All pictures are from Enorasis Project.
This music create with freeware software and free operating system Future studio oS 3.

    Ambient, New Age, Chillout, Soundtrack, soundscape, Relaxing, Drums, Bass guitar, Slap
    • Version: One
    • Type: Original
    • © All rights reserved
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