" I have lived my life in solitude for the last few years. One day, somewhere along the line, I totally stopped interacting with anyone from the outside world. My life became a blur of junk food and my online exploits. That brings me to my story... It began in my new apartment in Chicago. This is how my life began to end...
          It all started when I moved way from home to begin my new job in the city. I was one of the top 3D designers in my college graduating class, and I received the job my junior year. I found a nice little high-rise apartment. I had everything I had ever dreamed of, a top of the line computer, a brand new virtual reality rig and my wardrobe was just beginning to get decent. I was living the life I had always wanted. I began to develop a love for computer games, immersive programs leading to vast online worlds. One day I discovered a Virtual Reality program that took over my life. We live parallel lives in alternate realities. We bring opposing and contrasting worlds from our deepest darkest fantasies to the real world.
          Alternate Life was the name of it, this was a game where you live the entire life of a character. You paid real money for houses, clothes, food, items, weapons and more. There was a few features and places in the game that you could go to compete against other users avatars for real money. This is where my problems started, I became so addicted to my online life, and the thrill of gambling, there that I stopped talking to anyone besides people playing the game. The life I have there is so much more exciting than my life that I never want to return to the real world...
          I just received a message from someone notifying me that they have hacked my bank account! I checked and all of my money is gone! Savings, everything. I lost my job last week and I'm running low on food... I think I know how I got myself into this, there was a place in the game that I must have ran into the wrong person. I'm going to go back there and look for help now... I hope this is just a joke."

-Message from #VRKiller Victim 1
Nov 11th 2048

That's when you hear about it. How it happened... how he went... headset on, plugged in, wired directly into a ultra immersive virtual reality world too intoxicating to pull out of. Phone calls were rejected and the battery was left to die... Emails went unanswered. The needs and demands of his own body were ignored. His bank account, slowly drained as he purchased digital goods in a digital world more welcoming and fulfilling than his own.
And finally he just shut himself down... or did someone else?
A life put on pause, for an escape into the virtual world.
Death of a virtually induced heart attack... or was it?
...and who is really to blame?

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"Here on the net is a world where you’re judged by what you say and think, not by what you look like. A world where curiosity and imagination equals power.

Ever experienced the New Wave? Next Wave? Dreamwave? or Cyberpunk?
I didn't think so."
-Julia Stiles in Ghostwriter ("Who is Max Mouse?")

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